Ali Sheik

Ali Sheik: Rapping and beat boxing in the hall ways of  Fort Green Projects, Middle Side  "Up Top"!   

Ali Sheik made his name.

Bio: Rapper Ali Sheik was born on September 10, 1986, in Brooklyn, New York. The young rapper was raised by his mother and father in Brooklyn's drug-infested Fort Greene Projects. His father, J.L. Johnson, move the family to the south when Ali Sheik was only 3 years old. Searching for a better place to raise their kids, they relocated in Atlanta, Georgia where Ali Sheik discovered his music talent rapping in 6 grade. Ali Sheik returns to New York after the death of his parents to fulfill his music professional career, Co-Founder of “Up-TopRec. Music & Media Production” and Founder of “Johnny Million Records”.

Music: Hip Hop, R&B Soul, Jazz, Trap, and Pop.

Ali Sheik Produces in FL Studio instrumentals and high quality tracks.  Very Lyrical and versatile on songs that are written by him. 

Popular Songs: Ali Sheik's latest music hits are just samples of what he has in store for the future of his music career. Ali Sheik does the mixing and engineering 

to all his songs, getting a unique sound of his liking. 


  • Music Catalog over 60 songs

  • Diverse Music Genres (Hip Hop, R&B Soul, Trap,  Pop,  Jazz)

  • Three Seasonal Music Volumes

  1. Summer Time Saga, Vol.1​

  2. Autumn's Ape, Vol.2

  3. Winter Hunger Games, Vol.3


Popular Songs

ali sheik
ali sheik
ali sheik
ali sheik
ali sheik
ali sheik
ali sheik
ali sheik
ali sheik

Music Videos

It's Our Time

ali sheik

Up-Top Rec. Baby Forever

ali sheik

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Brooklyn, NY, USA

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