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Million's Video Distro

Monetize your music with
video distribution !!!

Take your music videos global & earn cash.

We connect your music videos globally by quickly publishing your content to VEVO the world's largest all-premium music video company.

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VEVO channel

Request a VEVO channel(Optional). A VEVO channel is a VEVO owned YouTube account. VEVO is the leading all premium music video and entertainment platform. VEVO is an official YouTube partner and has their own monetization arrangements with YouTube. Uploading your music videos to your custom VEVO artist channel will ensure that some of those monetization benefits are passed to you.

Click here for Unlimited Video Distribution Plans

Video Distribution
Only Video Delivery $70 (Per Video)

Please fill form after payment. You must have a Vevo Channel to use this delivery service.

Video Distribution
Video Delivery $70 (Per Video)
Vevo Channel (included)


Please fill form after payment. You must have a video to release to create Vevo Channel.

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